Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Yard Reveal

This week Brooklyn and I finally finished landscaping, planting, and decorating our almost 1/3 acre lot. We wanted to share with you our love, sweat and creativity as we transformed an unloved and uncared for plot of land into our own little piece of heaven. I am so happy I live with a girl who loves beauty as much as I do and doesn't mind working! Brooklyn, you are the best! I bought this house sight unseen. I told the realtor, "Find me the ugliest, cheapest house you can." When I drove up this is what I saw! I have included the before and afters in each sequence. What a transformation! The side yard has rv parking and was very neglected. From barren to beautiful. We planted many iris plants which were given to us by our beautiful neighbor Helen, a butterfly bush, some black-eyed susans which are very happy here, and a peach, plum and apple tree. This side of the yard will bring us joy and fruit for years to come. And see that old fence resting against the concrete wall? It will make an appearance later...stay tuned! The backyard was horrible. With some help from a landscaper and a few refurbished pieces of furniture we had hanging around...we made a nice little retreat. The tree now also stands majestic in our backyard. The back porch still needs a coat of paint, but it provides a nice place to rest from the hot desert sun. One day driving home from work I saw an antique piano in the back of the truck in front of me. I thought how beautiful its legs were and knew someone was lucky to have such a beautiful piece. Imagine my surprise when the next day one of my friends (thanks Deb) posted on facebook that she had a 120 year old piano she had got from a repo house and she wanted to get rid of. She said she had bit off more than she could chew. Piano and delivery - free! I wrote back, "Pick me, pick me!" And she did. The piano received a coat of deck stain to protect it (yes it works, but refurbishing it would cost in the thousands so it has become yard art). I have planted ivy to grow on it as well as some flowering bushes around it. I hope it will be a beautiful spectacle in a few years. I also hung an old window and antique wash basins on the fence...all things I already had! Brooklyn loves tropical plants. Our neighbors were throwing out this pond...they were tired of trying to keep it clean. Brooklyn kindly asked for it and they were happy to give it to her. She enjoyed picking out her tropical plants. So far we don't have sprinklers running to that she is hand-watering it for now. As we move around to the other side yard (we live on a cul-de-sac and our yard touches seven other people's yards) we have our raised vegetable garden and another sitting area that we just completed yesterday! This side yard was a mess. It needed weeding and leveling and general clean up. We were able to get these raised beds from a local plumbing supply company. They receive their pipes in them and then just trash the wooden frames - yes, we are very frugal over here. The wood chips in the veggie area were free from a friend. We did pay a delivery fee because we try to be nice that way. The early high temps - 106 degrees in May - didn't give our vegetable plants a chance to get established before they were burning up. We hung this sunshade...we could use two more...but they were expensive! These will be pricey vegetables by the time they finally get here...but it is so rewarding growing your own food. Last but not least, the crowning project, was this little sitting area. We got some free pallets from our wood chip friends and painted them and made a chaise out of them. The bricks and pavers were laying around the mess of our yard. And the fence makes its appearance on this side of the house. It is actually hiding a tangle of cable and telephone wires as well as a gas pipe. I decided to graffiti a quote on it for fun. We planted a cherry tree and a pineapple guava tree in this little area. We also planted an almond and pecan tree as well as a pomegranate bush. We are so happy to be finished. Now on to maintaining! If anyone is ever down around La Verkin feel free to stop by and enjoy our little Garden of Eden with us. Brooklyn would love to make you a snow cone...she makes several a day. I must warn you though, the only flavor she has is pink lemonade!


keri said...

I am so jealous of your yard. Beautiful. I love the pallet chair. I have some pallets just waiting to be used. Love it.

Kelsey said...

I love it! Lots of hard work and love pays off!